Aluminum Kitchen Cabinet - Advantages and Disadvantages

Aluminum Kitchen Cabinet - Advantages and Disadvantages

Are you looking to swap your cabinets for something that looks modern? Then tread no further than the aluminum kitchen cabinet design which stays aesthetic and immaculate for a long time. It has received all the hype recently due to its material advantage over something like wood. 

No matter what decor you choose, the aluminum kitchen cabinet will blend in seamlessly and provide robust functionality, which is everything one can ask for. The following article will dive deeper into the pros and cons of aluminum kitchen cabinets which will help you make an informed decision. 


What is an aluminum kitchen cabinet? 


As the name suggests, aluminum kitchen cabinets are available in cupboards with external and internal structures made of aluminum. For a better understanding, here are some of the main components replaced with aluminum. 

  • Usually, the outside frames are swapped from block wood material to aluminum tubes.
  • Plywood will be swapped to aluminum sheets on the front and rear panels. 
  • Shelves will be swapped with sets of aluminum tubes.


Advantages of aluminum kitchen cabinets


As mentioned previously, the aforementioned cabinets provide various advantages over other materials. Here is a list of all the upsides of aluminum kitchen cabinets.  


Resistance to temperature and weather


Most households use wooden cabinets which could be better when it comes to heat resistance. Therefore, accidental contact with a hot object often results in a scar or bending of the material. Moreover, the area cannot be healed, leaving an everlasting effect on your kitchen. 

In contrast, aluminum cabinet designs are heat resistant and can easily withstand weather conditions. The metal can withstand high temperatures, so one should consider using equipment made out of them. After installing the cabinets, you can use the top to keep any hot objects or utensils free up the clutter while cooking. 


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Immune to insects 


Unlike wooden cabinets, the ones made with aluminum are less likely to get infested by termites. These creatures are notorious as they can eat away the wooden structure making them hollow and brittle. 

Moreover, aluminum is immune to other disease-spreading insects keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic. Therefore, if you want long-term use, it is a direct upgrade over wooden cupboards. 




Water spillage is a common occurrence in a kitchen that can ruin your essential wooden cabinet. Due to its porous nature, it will absorb the fluid, making the area swell up and rot. 

Hence, most people prefer aluminum kitchen cabinets because they are waterproof, which is an advantage over some alternate materials. It also comes with an extra layer of oxidation coating which protects it from rusting. 




In general, aluminum kitchen cabinet designs are more functional than hardwood designs. They are available with an array of customizable options and additions. 

Where wooden cabinets can only work across a specific type of kitchen theme, the ones made with aluminum are more flexible owing to their chic appearance. Pair it with any backdrop or theme, and it will retain its modern look and aesthetic appeal. 


Disadvantages of aluminum kitchen cabinets


Behind all the shiny and glamorous look of the aluminum finish, there are certain downsides that you should know of. 


Makes noise 


One complaint that most alumunium made cabinets receive is that it makes too much noise. Especially on bumping it creates a harsh metallic sound which is disturbing to the ear. It can be better with better construction or installation. 

The noise can be mitigated using cushiony bumpers and softer hinges. For installation, hire a professional team while remodeling the kitchen with aluminum cabinets


Prone to dents


Most aluminum cabinets are prone to dents upon accidental contact, which is not easily repairable. It can also leave behind scratches and marks that remove its visual appeal. 

One way to solve any external marks is by painting over them. If the damage is more prominent, replacement is your only solution. 




Setting up a complete aluminum cabinet system inside a kitchen can be expensive compared to using something that is made out of hardwood. Despite its long list of advantages, it comes with a high price tag that many might not be able to afford. 

Given how aluminum kitchen cabinets can last for decades, it is worth the investment. 


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What are the design choices for aluminum kitchen cabinets? 


As mentioned in the beginning, the aluminum kitchen cabinets blend in naturally across various decors and color schemes. Moreover, it provides a robust look that complements well with modern kitchen setups. 

The cabinets can also be coated and colored to blend in with your kitchen aesthetic. For instance, you can install a wooden coated aluminum cabinet for floors with an Oak or Walnut finish. It can unlock a bold kitchen appearance even for traditional setups when combined with quartz or wooden countertops. 


Is it possible to repair an aluminum kitchen cabinet? 


As the aluminum cabinets are an expensive investment, natural people will wonder if it is repairable. Given how it can easily suffer from scratches and dents, you must be extremely careful in the kitchen. 

In most cases, scratches can be repaired by polishing and coating the area with paint. However, for larger dents, try to push it back into shape or call a professional. If they cannot fix the mess, then replacement should be your only remaining option. 

This covers everything about aluminum kitchen cabinets, elaborating on the advantages and disadvantages. Visit us at  IKC to shape your cabinet dreams into reality. Our expert design and remodeling team can assist you with all your kitchen remodeling and more.