Italian Kitchen Designs for your new home

Italian Kitchen Designs

Are you searching for a rustic and open kitchen design for your property? Then look no further than modern Italian kitchen designs. Their standout features can be described as large, elegant, and trendy. 

With how refined modern-day architecture is, Italian kitchen designs have transformed into household desires. Moreover, it maintains a balance between being beautiful and modern. Keep reading if you are interested to learn about the possibility of various Italian Kitchen Designs in your new home. 


Types of Italian kitchen designs


Italian Kitchen can be categorized into two types depending on their aesthetic and appeal. On one hand, you will find the traditional Italian Kitchen; on the other, there is the modern take on the old classic. Here is a breakdown of the two for your convenience. 


Traditional Italian kitchen 

Everything about the traditional Italian kitchen is composed of a fine blend between a warm color palette and a huge open area. It ideally reflects a decadent space with some natural touch in the backdrop. It is achieved mostly by using textures of stones, wood, and terracotta. 

In most cases, the walls, ceiling, and floor are finished with various patterns to add some flair to its appeal. Overall, these types of Italian kitchen designs are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


Modern Italian Kitchen

On the other hand, the modern Italian kitchen designs are a much brighter and lustrous take on the old classic. Moreover, it maintains harmony between efficiency and aesthetics. It retains some of the core characteristics of the traditional Italian design with more ergonomic equipment and a modular interface. 

Overall, Modern Italian design will provide an open, cozy, and simple appeal to your kitchen. 


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Italian kitchen design ideas for your new home 


The following section contains every Italian kitchen design to apply to a new house. You can pick and choose the one that satisfies the perception of your ideal kitchen. 


Modular kitchen with cabinets 

Italian modular kitchen designs comprise multipurpose storage space and efficient cabinet systems. These are perfect for short spaces and can house your ingredients, kitchen appliances, and more. 

These days, cabinets have built-in organisers that can easily hide your cookware, pots, pans, and dishes. Moreover, it will also help your kitchen to maintain a cleaner and more sleek look. 


Large kitchen window 

Large kitchen windows enhance the overall aesthetic of the kitchen. It also allows sufficient natural light that elevates the kitchen’s appeal. Additionally, it makes the kitchen look more spacious and inviting for anyone. 

Those who have the privilege of a natural view should consider building a large window by the side to elevate the Italian kitchen design. 


Island countertop 

The kitchen countertop has always been a fancier and more functional addition to the kitchen. Installing this unit in the middle of the kitchen provides more work space for some preparation, chopping, and even storing specific equipment. 

To sacrifice the space for an island countertop is an easy tradeoff as it can be doubled as a dining space. Just add chic lighting at the top and place some chairs by its side to create an inviting area to talk to your loved ones while eating.

Make sure to pick up a countertop color aesthetic for your Italian kitchen design, and your kitchen space is sorted for your new home.


Standing kitchen island 

Another excellent pick-up for the modern-day Italian kitchen is the standing island design. The extended feet attached to the bottom of the countertop provide functionality and aesthetic of the cooking space. Moreover, it is a solution for floor heating issues, and it makes cleaning an easy task. 


Appliance corner 

If you have some extra room by the corner, why not use it to store some of the kitchen appliances that make your life easier? Equipment for daily usages such as blender, toaster, and oven will have a dedicated space if you install a storage cabinet for them. Moreover, you will not have to move them around every time to use them, which can save some extra time and effort. 

Overall, an appliance corner is a functional addition to the Italian kitchen design.


Background color 

Modern Italian kitchen designs invite background colors that belong to the pastel range. Thus, homeowners can be more creative with their color choices to add their personal flair inside the cooking area. 

One way to do it is to add a splash background to the kitchen. Alternatively, you can add some cabinets of contrasting block colors to make the space look fresh. 

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