What are the best kitchen lighting ideas under cabinets?

Kitchen lighting ideas

A well-illuminated kitchen enhances the overall appeal of the area and makes it look spacious. While there are a few great kitchen lighting ideas available, the one that has been gaining prominence is the under-cabinet lighting setup, which appears modern and practical. They are perfect for illuminating the entire area, allowing you to enjoy your cooking experience.

Proper lighting does wonders for your overall kitchen aesthetics and enhances the appeal of the kitchen theme you are looking for. Here is a list of kitchen lighting ideas under the cabinet that you can incorporate to add character to your entire setup. 


What are the different types of under-cabinet lighting to use?


Here are a few different kitchen lighting ideas under cabinets that you can add to your space:


DIY Plug-in Lights 


One of the sought-after options for under-cabinet illumination are DIY Plug-in lights, which can be attached to a fixture connected to any electrical outlet. These are quite easy to install and can be operated using a primary switch.
The DIY LED lights are shaped like tape or rope, making it easy to plug them in under the cabinet. It generates a soft hue, which can complement the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. 


Mounted Strip Lights


For mounted strip kitchen lighting ideas, you can settle on a variety of options, including fluorescent strips, halogen bulb tracks, or an assortment of puck lights. Once you have the desired light source, mount it on a touch-operated disc surface for wireless control and install it under the cabinet. 

Mounted lights are typically operated by strong batteries to provide proper illumination. It is worth noting that the halogen bulb can reach a high temperature, which is why you should not install it near flammable objects. 


Professionally Hard-Wired Lights


If you are looking for a minimalistic kitchen lighting idea, you can consider the hard-wired light, which blends in well with the cabinet, turning almost invisible. These are fused with the cabinet to boast a low-profile look. However, you will require a professional to install the whole setup in accordance with the building codes and regulations.

A thin strip light is typically used for this purpose, which must be connected to an accessible switch for easy control.


Best kitchen lighting ideas to add mood to any setup 


Here is a list of a few kitchen lighting ideas to set the mood for cooking and eating:

  • Explore different types of fixtures and lighting options to set the trend in the kitchen. Always try to mix and match to analyze what works for your theme. You can also throw in a few different shades to complement your theme. 
  • Consider an additional solo light that blends with your kitchen lighting ideas under the cabinet. Try to place it at the top of the island and choose a shape that does not overpower the whole setup. 
  • Use reflective materials with your lights to bounce them off the surface. It will enhance the overall illumination of the area and provide a natural look to the kitchen. You can also incorporate mirrors and other glistening surfaces to reflect the light into darker areas. 
  • Finally, consider picking up lights that maintain a fine blend of modern and traditional design to create an elegant setup. These days, you can find various contemporary designs for fixtures with robust exteriors, which can complement various kitchen themes.

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