Tips To Have An Amazing L-Shaped Kitchen Design

L Shaped kitchen design

The kitchen is perhaps the most crucial workspace in your house. You not only cook in your kitchen, but it also turns out to be your storage space, mini gossip area, quick get-together spot, and what not! And you cannot afford to go wrong with its layout, can you?!!

Better the layout of your kitchen, the better the convenience of working in and around it. Talking about convenience, what could be better than an L-shaped kitchen design? It provides the maximum platform space with an uncompromised open-plan design. Such designs are growing hugely popular because of the extra room they allow.


What is an L-shaped kitchen?


An L-shaped kitchen layout is defined by two perpendicular walls — one longer and one shorter that meet to form an L. Most of your counter space and cupboards are usually located along the longer wall. You will have less counter space along the shorter wall with one appliance — usually the stove.

So, do you have to keep certain things in mind while designing an L-shaped kitchen layout? Well, yes!


Top 7 tips for an L-shaped kitchen layout


1. Create a kitchen island


If space allows, integrate a kitchen island as an alternative to a standard table and chair set-up. This builds a focal point for the area as well as a place to eat. Pull-up bar stools are convenient and save room; they are frequently easy to tuck away beneath the island.

An L-shaped kitchen with an island can double as additional storage while expanding worktop space in smaller kitchens with a limited number of wall cabinets – learn more about how to set up a small kitchen with an island.

In contrast, in larger kitchens, an island can add functionality to an underutilized space while also providing structure to irregularly shaped rooms.


2. Make way for more storage


A kitchen must be useful and elegant, so when creating your L-shaped kitchen layout, think about innovative storage solutions. If space is tight and including an island isn’t an option, consider raising cabinet heights from floor to ceiling. Install an L-shaped corner unit storage carousel to make the most of every cupboard.

Moreover, if you’re using height to maximize your space, make sure you have appropriate ceiling lighting elsewhere. You can also consider adding under-mounted downlights under the cabinetry to avoid dark patches.


3. Convert it into multi-tasking space


Do you want to use your L-shaped layout for socializing, dining, or working or tasks that suit your needs?

You can offer some seclusion in a multifunctional kitchen by tucking a second ‘L’ behind a glazing panel. This is perfect for hiding clutter from guests and preparing food while other family members work elsewhere in the space.


4. Maintain uniformity


L-shaped kitchens with islands are always appealing, as long as there is adequate space for people to pass through each side of the island. The disadvantage is that the two work areas can appear to be rather dissimilar.

To eliminate this mismatch, you can connect the parts by precisely matching your materials. Try incorporating the same surface material, cabinetry paint, and hardware. This not only creates a coherent design but also makes the space appear larger because your eye isn’t drawn to something ‘strange’ elsewhere in the room.


5. Make windows a part of the design


This is the most common and practical technique to make use of an L-shape. Running one side of the L under a window helps to balance the other side, which holds the cooker, hood, and cabinets.

By taking into account the window into the design, you help to give the far wall an equal purpose. The view outside the window itself becomes a statement. Windows also help to brighten up your space with some positive vibes. Add interest to the look by adding a patterned blind.

Such statements require very less to grab attention and make your kitchen homier!


6. Limited space, no worry!


Size does not have to imply a lack of style. With sleek stainless steel appliances and a bright pink acrylic splashback, compact L-shaped kitchens with high-gloss cabinets can create a ‘wow’  factor in a small area. For this, you must ensure that your planning and interior design perfectly intertwine.


7. Strike clear differentiation


Statement accessories can give a wood-effect decor a modern edge to your L-shaped kitchen design. Contemporary tiling brings a rustic country kitchen to life. The use of light and dark tiles to divide the cooking and prep zones gives a strong, modern contrast to the more conventional cabinet design.

If your kitchen is on the small side, consider placing wall-hung shelves in the room’s corner.


Pro-tip to make your L-shaped kitchen a show stopper!




Aside from being extremely functional, an L-shaped kitchen with an island is an excellent starting point for experimenting with color. Choose two complementary colors for the cabinetry and island. Utilize one of these two colors for the surfaces. Use a third – more surprising – tone in accessories and detailing. You can use it on your window coverings, furniture, and tiling, for an extra pop of color.


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