Stunning modern wardrobe designs for your bedroom

Modern wardrobe designs

The more, the merrier! This saying is so true for storage spaces, isn’t it?!!

There is seldom anyone out there who would claim to be having an excess of space to store their stuffs. Storage is an essential component of a modern, functional, and aesthetically pleasing home. It is certainly difficult for any of us to imagine a bedroom without a wardrobe. It is also a big concern in almost all urban homes due to a lack of space. A wardrobe with a dressing table should be strategically placed to provide easy access to home accessories, makeup, clothing, grooming tools, and other items.

A wardrobe is more than just a piece of furniture; it is also an attractive focal point in your bedroom and serves a functional purpose. It makes your bedroom beautiful and stunning. Apart from its utility, a wardrobe is a vital component of decor, and you can have a wardrobe that strikes a perfect balance of both in your bedroom.

Since wardrobe is a pivotal part of your bedroom’s interior, allow us to list down some amazing designs that you can choose from.


Modern wardrobe designs


Why not a mirror too!


If you want to turn small spaces in your room into functional storage areas, consider custom wardrobes with dressing tables. It is tailored to your closet needs. This type of wardrobe has open shelves, a shoe organizer tower, LED strip lighting on each shelf, grey cabinets, and other features.


Embrace patterns!


Patterns can impact the way we look at designer wardrobes. A patterned wardrobe with detailed engravings can add value to a plainly designed bedroom interior. For your designer wardrobe, you can choose from a variety of patterns and motifs, such as floral, abstract, and so on.


Not just for storage but for dressing up too!


If your room lacks a dedicated closet space and you want to properly utilize the bedroom wall space, a transitional wardrobe design with a dressing table may be appropriate. This type of wardrobe design creates enough storage space and is also aesthetically pleasing. Various closet components, such as lit hanging sections, drawers, and hampers with custom mirror backing, can be included here.


Gloss it up!


Glossy finishes will add glamour and style to modern bedroom wardrobe designs. These reflective surfaces can be made by making proper use of laminates, acrylic, or paint on the cupboard doors.




In modern Abu Dhabi homes, a sliding door wardrobe with a dressing table mirror is common. The metal tracks attached to the top and bottom of the wardrobe allow you to open it from one side to the other. Here the closet design can be placed close to the bed. One can also transform the dressing table area into a study place or attach a television screen on the wall.


Flexibility is the key!


When you don’t have enough space for a built-in wardrobe design but want to add additional features in your closet, choose a freestanding wardrobe design with detachable closet accessories. Freestanding closet kits with detachable shelves, baskets, cabinets, hanging rods, and other features are readily available in various customizable configurations.


Love what you have; then show it off!


A translucent wardrobe is the best way to do it, and also a durable one. It is an excellent choice for typical modern bedroom interiors. It will showcase your design skills in a subtle way. You can choose different colors, styles, and textures that appeal to the overall appearance of your bedroom and make it impressive!


A walk-in closet for the win!


Finding the right wardrobe to flatter your figure can be difficult. Here are some great options to consider if you’re looking for modern wardrobe designs that will complement your bedroom:

  • A sleek and simple closet with plenty of space for all your clothes and accessories.
  • A walk-in closet with built-in shelves and drawers allows you to organize your belongings exactly how you want them.
  • A corner wardrobe that makes use of otherwise unused bedroom space.
  • An armoire with beautiful details that add a touch of elegance to your bedroom.


Free up the floor space!


Ceiling wardrobes are wardrobes that are hung from the ceiling rather than placed on the floor. This can free up valuable floor space in your bedroom, which is ideal if you have a small space. Ceiling wardrobes have a clean, modern appearance that can help to update the look of your bedroom.

A basic ceiling wardrobe consists of a metal frame that is hung from the ceiling and has shelves or hanging rods inside. This type of wardrobe is simple and efficient, and it can be personalized to your specific storage needs.


The ones without drawers!


The wardrobe with no drawers is one of the most popular and popular closet layouts for bedrooms. Those who prefer a clean and contemporary look in their bedroom will appreciate this type of wardrobe. Because this type of wardrobe does not have drawers, it takes up less space and can be pushed up against a wall.

This particular kind of wardrobe is an excellent choice for storing apparel, footwear, and accessories. It is also simple to keep clean because there are no nooks or crannies for the dust to collect in.


Go the conventional way!


Swing wardrobes have been the traditional choice for cloth storage for decades and can still be found in many homes around the world. These wardrobes typically have two doors attached to the jamb that open outwards on two or three hinges. This wardrobe, unlike its sliding counterpart, is better suited for large, open rooms because the doors require some space to open.

However, it has other benefits that the sliding wardrobe lacks, one of them being the ability to have hooks attached to the inside of the door for additional storage space. Finally, these wardrobes, like the sliding wardrobe, have highly functional features.


The standalone design!


A free-standing wardrobe is a single piece of furniture that usually includes hanging space or a combination of hanging space and drawers. It has two doors that are hinged and attached to the wardrobe frame. Furthermore, these are generally not adaptable to anyone’s storage requirements or available space.

These wardrobes have their own set of benefits, including mobility, ease of resale/replacement, and, most importantly, receiving the finished product immediately upon purchase.


The elegant L-shaped design!


L-shaped wardrobes are ideal for making use of a corner space. If you decide to have this closet built in, the room will feel much larger because the closet appears to extend the room’s parameters. They also have more storage space and make use of a wall that would not otherwise contribute to the room’s design.


Store and work too!


Have kids who need a study space? Or do you have a ‘work from home’ model to follow? The ‘wardrobe with study table’ can serve your purpose.

A wardrobe with a built-in study table can save you a lot of space by preventing you from cramming a bulky desk into your bedroom. The study table also contributes to the refinement of the wardrobe’s design, providing it with a sense of structure that is far more interesting than a plain, solid wardrobe that stretches from wall to wall.


Need more sleek and modern wardrobe designs for bedroom?


Choosing and deciding upon an apt wardrobe design for your bedroom could be quite confusing and intimidating. Picking up the right design that would appositely match your bedroom’s space area, interiors, and most importantly, your needs could be tedious.

Don’t you worry, because IKC is always there to guide and help you through the transition. We are experts in this field, holding more than a decade’s experience. Our team has several skilled artisans who perceive, develop and convert your expectations into reality with sheer diligence and creativity. We strive to thoroughly understand your needs and provide you with nothing but the best.

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