What are some pros and cons of sliding door wardrobes?

Sliding door wardrobe

Wardrobes come in two different variants, depending on how their doors operate, they can be classified into sliding or hinged door wardrobes. While both of them are equally functional, choosing the sliding version over the other lies at the discretion of an individual. However, they must know each of its pros and cons to make an informed decision. 

Wardrobes with sliding doors have remained timeless due to their classic look and functionality, attracting many customers to this segment. They are generally more convenient in space constraint houses, which makes them a phenomenal investment. These articles will provide information about sliding door wardrobes, expanding mainly on their pros and cons. 


Pros of sliding door wardrobes 


Every single reason someone should consider sliding door wardrobes is mentioned below. 


Space efficient 


If you consider the structure of a sliding door wardrobe, it tends to open sideways, which only takes up additional space while browsing your items inside. This makes them great for houses with limited space compared to the ones with hinges which take up unnecessary space containing the capacity of the available area. 


Suits the interior 


No matter the type of interior design you are shooting for, a sliding cabinet blends in well, as they look modern and fancy. Additionally, you can choose some neutral, complementary colors for the exterior material and have a remarkable corner. You can also add mirrors covering the entire door to provide a sleek vibe and make the surroundings look spacious. 


Provides sufficient storage space


Be it hanging your clothes or putting up your shoes, the sliding door wardrobes have got you covered, making it an efficient choice for every household. Moreover, they can be crafted into bigger heights which provide more storage for your long coats and dresses that can otherwise touch the ground.  

Moreover, these are made with compartments on the top where you can tuck away anything you have used for a few months. It is advisable to store everything neatly and use the storage to its maximum potential to make the best of the space. 


Sleek and modern looking 


What else can be said about these sliding cabinets except that they look sleek inside an organized household and retain their modern look by surviving time? Despite their enormous size, they appear elegant and pleasing in a room, checking out aesthetics and functionality. 


More resale value


Last but not least, these wardrobes are in high demand, and many will prefer them as their go-to option for the bedroom. Hence, realtors and sellers typically get more resale value for a house with them than one with the hinge door wardrobes. Moreover, buyers will be attracted by contrasting an ample closet and a small minimalistic room. 


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Cons of sliding door wardrobes 


The following are the cons of sliding door wardrobes. 


Contributes to the clutter


Considering the enormous storage space, you should hold back on shopping for excessive clothes or else you will end up cluttering the storage space. With any proper maintenance, it might look like a big dump of unused clothes and accessories, as there is so much that a person can wear. Hence, it is essential not to give in to temptation as these wardrobes can be a clutter magnet. 


Limited visibility 


Another common complaint about these cabinets is their low visibility, as a portion will always be covered with the door. Thus, it can be a hassle to browse through the clothing options while you are in a time crunch. A hinge door wardrobe, on the other hand, does not cause any visibility problems. 


High price 


These cabinets are not available at an affordable price point now that most are made of premium quality material. They are extra fancy and modern, with mirrors on the doors demanding a hefty investment. 


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How to maintain sliding wardrobes?


If you are sold on the sliding wardrobe appeal, you should know it requires maintenance to keep it timelessly elegant. Here are a few things to do after you have picked up one for your house. 

  • Make sure to keep the storage space neat, as the doors can get stuck when too much fabric is sticking to the panel. 
  • Maintain the sliders and prevent dust from settling in, as it can clog the area making it difficult to open the door. Try to blow away the dust or vacuum clean the site frequently. 
  • There is a high chance that your wardrobe doors have mirrors installed, so spray some cleaner on the glass and wipe it with a soft fabric to keep it clean. 

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