What is a galley kitchen?

Galley Kitchen

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen? Consider looking at the galley kitchen layout. Inspired by the cooking space of 19th-century ships, aircraft, and railway cars, a galley kitchen optimizes small kitchen spaces. Simply put, the layout captures the essence of a kitchen in a modern, ergonomic manner.

The visuals of a galley kitchen consist of a narrow aisle sandwiched by kitchen essentials and equipment on the sides. If you look forward to learning more about galley kitchens, continue reading.


What is Galley Kitchen?


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Galley kitchen designs are structurally narrow and long; however, they are designed to house all kitchen essentials. The cabinets, kitchen tops, and necessary equipment are housed on both sides of a narrow walking space, adding to the galley layout’s characteristics. In addition, the kitchen essentials, such as the sinks, oven, and refrigerator, are spaced ergonomically to maximize the setup’s utility.

Galley kitchens are ideal for small spaces, offering much value as it is relatively cheap to set up. Make sure to utilize the space properly and customize it with decors that add flair and personality to your kitchen. The layout of this kitchen offers a lot of convenience to a person as the necessary equipment remains easily accessible.


Pros and Cons of Galley Kitchen


To understand the finer details of a galley kitchen, read its pros and cons listed below.


Pros of Galley Kitchen


  • The purpose of this form of the kitchen was to save space which is ideal for someone with limited space to work with.
  • Galley Kitchen is inexpensive to set up, unlike other kitchen layouts, which can save you money that could be investing in other essential resources.
  • With less space to work with, only a few appliances need to be installed. 
  • One of the added benefits of a galley layout is its simplicity, making it easier for a person to set up and remodel when needed. 
  • A galley setup utilizes the triangular kitchen design with the added compactness that makes it highly functional.


Cons of Galley Kitchen


  • For multiple cooks in the kitchen, the galley setup may not work due to its narrow design and limited space. 
  • The limitations of a galley kitchen are prominent when it comes to storage space. 
  • The compact layout makes it difficult to install larger kitchen appliances.
  • An apartment or a house with a galley kitchen has a lesser resale value than one with a different kitchen setup.
  • It further restricts your option of sinks as the standard configuration is the only one that can fit inside.


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