Why should you get a white kitchen cabinet?

white kitchen cabinets

Monochrome is the way to go when picking up a cabinet for your kitchen. But, what other color to choose if it is not white? Cabinets are necessary to cover the major portion of your kitchen, and white kitchen cabinets offer a flavor to the setup. Whether remodeling or making a new kitchen, make sure that it looks stylish and appealing, for which choosing the right colored cabinet is important.

All kinds of cabinet options are available in the market, which can be overwhelming to pick and choose from. However, by the end of this article, you will be able to gain some clarity on why white cabinets are something you should consider.


Pros of white kitchen cabinet


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There are quite a lot of pros that white cabinet offers which are mentioned below.

White cabinets are fashionable 

Modern white kitchen cabinets are the symbol of trendy kitchen culture, and for a good reason. Throughout time people have been obsessed with how white color provides a certain charm and cleanliness, and a white cabinet plays into the hands of that psychology. The contrast that white colors provide to your kitchen did not go out of fashion despite being in existence for over a century.

Furthermore, the color white adds a sense of classiness that catches the eye of anyone and everyone.

White cabinets make your kitchen appear spacious 

One of the massive advantages of the white color is that it reflects a lot of light. A white cabinet with ample lighting provides the same effect, which makes your kitchen look open and spacious. It also helps your kitchen look significantly brighter and is perfect for any size, whether small or large.

White cabinet adds to the cleanliness of the kitchen 

Dark-colored cabinets are a good option if you are not concerned about the cleanliness of the kitchen, as it masks away stains and spots, which can serve as a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. On the other hand, a white cabinet  makes it easier for someone to spot the dirt deposit demanding it to get cleaned.

White cabinets offer positive resale value

White cabinets symbolise class and style, which appeals to someone planning to buy a house, thus contributing to a positive resale value. In addition, there is a relatively high demand for an elegant-looking kitchen, and a white kitchen cabinet helps to achieve that.

White cabinets provide contrast to the kitchen 

White cabinets are a perfect fitting to any form of kitchen layout and design, from ultra-modern to vintage setup. The color can easily complement a wide variety of décor, making it ideal for any remodeling. Overall white cabinets are neutral and flexible, which is great for transitions.


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Cons of white kitchen cabinet


Modern White kitchen cabinet - IKC


To get a better perspective, you need to understand the cons of the white cabinet.

The white kitchen cabinet gets discolored

The white kitchen cabinet looks clean, but it turns yellow over time. The color is extremely prone to discoloration with overtime usage inside the kitchen setup. While cooking, grease settles on your kitchen equipment, and the cabinet is no exception.

The grease particle needs to be cleaned thoroughly regularly, or it will turn yellow. In addition, you need to keep it safe from any spillage, as removing stains from the cabinet is difficult.

White kitchen cabinets require high maintenance.

Maintaining a white cabinet is difficult to work on, especially inside a kitchen. It is open to all kinds of food splatter, fingerprints, and smudges which can take away the cabinet’s attractiveness over time. In addition, keeping them clean requires a lot of regular cleaning, which is a lot of work.

White kitchen cabinet shades may differ. 

One problem that arises while picking up a white cabinet is that they come in different shades. Some might be off-white, while others can have a different undertone. If the cabinet’s colour does not match each other, it can take away from the overall appeal of your kitchen.

White kitchen cabinets are simple 

Decorating a white cabinet is tricky; adding too much color on the shelf can ruin its overall appeal. The cabinets demand simplicity, and only some colors in the background can complement its essence. So your kitchen is monochrome and it might not be a good choice if you prefer more colors.


Final takeaway


Choosing the right color of the cabinet is extremely important for someone looking to shape their kitchen into a dream setup. Careful considerations have to be made to determine if the white cabinet is something that you should have. White cabinet certainly adds a classy personality, and you should pick it up if you want to maintain it.

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