10 kitchen remodel designs & ideas that you should look for in 2023

Kitchen remodel ideas

The kitchen is the heart of a home, and it deserves to look glamorous. There are plenty of options for remodelling your kitchen, and 2023 is just the year. Kitchen remodel design is a way to honor the place where food is being made for your family and guests.

Kitchen remodel design and décor depend on personal preference and style. To help you with kitchen remodel ideas, we have framed this article to make the whole process a little easier.


1. Add a kitchen island


Kitchen island


Kitchen islands are a necessity in a modern-day kitchen as they offer functionality and character. These countertops can be used for prepping food, storing dishes, or dining.

To make your kitchen look more spacious and bright, you can open up your kitchen and add a countertop facing the living room. Not only will it help you conserve space ,but it will allow you to be part of the conversation while cooking when you have your guests over.


2. Change your cabinet design


Cabinet design


In case your cabinet design is conflicting with your kitchen décor, opt for a change to bring more harmony to the area when you are planning to remodel. You can also decorate and paint your old cabinets to spice them up.

Choose a bold color or pattern that works well with your kitchen theme to bring harmony and balance to your setup.


3. Open up storage options


Open up storage options


A kitchen can only function with a proper storage system for your ingredients and appliances. As a kitchen remodel idea, look out for uncommon storage options to conserve space and expand the functionality of your kitchen.

Try to create an area for a pantry and use hanging shelves to store some additional items at arm’s reach, from adding shelves to the countertop to a hidden coffee bar.


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4. Change up your flooring


Kitchen Flooring


At the time of remodeling, consider changing up your flooring once and for all to get the most out of your kitchen décor. Various floor options are available to you, ranging from wooden to ceramic tiles, pick the one that blends in well and is easy to clean.

Additionally, you have options for colorful rugs that you can throw in under your kitchen table to add more color to the place.


5. Focus on the lighting


kitchen lighting

Using a proper assortment of lighting is needed inside your kitchen to give it that final pop. Use an assortment of warm white lights to set up the undertone of your kitchen design.

You can hang a pendant light or a chandelier directly on top of the kitchen island to brighten up the area. Adding up some recessed light can serve as a nice touch to bring out the aesthetic of your kitchen.


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6. Add a tile backsplash


Splatter is inevitable while cooking food inside your kitchen, which can leave stains ruining your kitchen walls. A tile backsplash is a perfect solution, and consider installing one while remodeling your kitchen.

Tile backsplashes are strategically installed on the walls to protect them. A tile backsplash brings different colors and designs to the kitchen while offering functionality at the same time.


7. Upgrade your appliances


kitchen appliances


Picking up modern-day appliances for your kitchen is a wise option as a kitchen remodel idea. Electronic appliances are stylish, energy-efficient, and smart, making them a functional addition to the kitchen.

Smaller kitchens pick up compact and multi-functional appliances to make the best out of the space.


8. Use metallic hardware


Metallic hardware blends in with all kinds of kitchen designs and themes, so, picking one should be on your kitchen remodel bucket list. Most metallic hardware is made out of stainless steel, which is durable and aesthetic. In addition, stainless steel hardware is rust-resistant and provides great resale value to any homeowner.


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9. Show some love to the countertop  


Quartz countertop


Countertop material qualities are often overlooked, which should be different. Pick up a quality material for your countertop as it is the most happening place inside your kitchen.

Consider opting for a quartz countertop, as they are easier to maintain while being super classy. 


10. Add your personal touch


Your kitchen should resonate with you, and you have to make that happen. Add your personal touch to the kitchen to make it a comfortable space.

House in more customized design and pictures of your loved ones as it offers more character to your kitchen.

We adore and understand endless kitchen remodel ideas and possibilities at IKC. So visit us today to make your kitchen dreams a reality.